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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 22, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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>> chickens? >> chickens. >> okay. all right. "good morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. let's send it to meteorologist justin berk. >> i'm not going to chicken out. i will stick to it and say, look this didn't happen the way i expected. and a special note for kids, homework, i hope you did it. test, i hope you studied for it. always do that because it's always a 50/50 shot. most areas we had some rain overnight, some wet roads. in fact, we're dry right now. there will be more showers going through this afternoon. no problems immediately. allegheny, garrett county and the mountains have school closings. here's maryland's most powerful doppler radar. rain showers showers in har county an hour and a half ago had fallen apart. the pink shading, that's where
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we've got wet snowflakes and sleet pellets from hagerstown and perhaps on its way over to westminster and union bridge. we're watching that just on towards your west. water view highlights, yes, we had precipitation fall apart as we had one storm form off the coast and steal all of the energy. the original storm will try to pivot its way through. rain and snow showers marginal and freezing away from the city. we're at 35 right now at baltimore. we'll stay around 35 through the lunch hour. then some clearing this afternoon in the upper 30s. more on the weekend forecast coming up. here is kim brown with traffic. >> good morning, everyone. volume's starting to build around the west side of the outer loop. also on the southbound loops, 895 southbound between the harbor tunnel toll plaza and 95. same thing on 95 south as you make your way down from route 100 to laurel. we have a deer strike at severn
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and telegraph road so use caution there. we are looking good at light and conway streets. jamie, megan, back to you. 27 years ago, he put a badge on and rose to the ranks as lieutenant. >> yesterday, the world came crashing down for an anne arundel county cop when the fbi got involved. sherrie johnson is here for a cop that is now on the wrong side of the law. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning. a person sworn to protect citizens is accused of an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old girl. james cifala is a veteran of 27 years with the anne arundel county police department. the investigation startd when the teenaged girl's parents told the fbi they thought their daughter was involved in a sexual relationship with an adult. the investigation led them to cifala. agents found sexually explicit pictures and text messages on cifala's cell phone and a cell
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phone they say he bought for the girl. child pornography carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in federal prison if he's convicted. prosecutors say this is more distushing since he is a veteran of the police department. >> a law enforcement officer obviously knows better and has a sworn oath to follow the law and protect people from this kind of conduct. >> the prosecutor also says over a three-week period last summer there were more than 1300 contacts between cifala's cell phone and the teenaged girl's cell phone. he has been suspended without pay. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. investigators are still trying to term what caused a deadly fire yesterday. for the ruzer family, this has been a hard, terrible blow but family members say sadly, they've been through this before. >> 15 years ago, fire swept through a row home on hollands street killing nine people, two adults, seven children
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including a baby. now it's happened again. roosevelt leftwich reports. [ unintelligible ] then i checked on the news and then i seen the house. [ unintelligible ] >> sometimes there just aren't any more words. >> and she's a very family- oriented person. i mean, she gives our family reunion. she gives our family reunions and everything. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: then there comes a time for even the tears to go away. tears are usually replaced by strength, the kind that cops from family, and this family's being forced to draw strength from tragedy again. >> the kid that died in the previous fire in '94, sierra
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died in a previous fire in '94. >> reporter: these are the nameplates to go on caskets. phyllis ruzer kept them after tragedy struck her family 15 years ago. in 1994 on a cold february night, fire struck through a row home on holland street. inside two adults and seven children. their last names were ruzer and harris. the family members were left to grieve. it was phyllis ruzer who ral lid everyone and kept going back then but now she's gone. family strength runs through generations. >> everybody in this area knows mom. my niece, everybody in the area knows her. we try to stay strong. we're going to be all right. peace. i have peace because i know god don't make mistakes. i just pray for peace, and i can handle that. >> it'll be days before investigators can figure out
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what caused this fire. for now, the family will continue to grieve as they are now forced to bury more family members whose lives have been taken by the fire. concern now in haiti. another after-shock has hit the haitian capital of port-au- prince. people in the city said the brief tremor was not as strong as several others since the quake happened more than a week ago, and patients are facing up to 12-day waiting lists to get inside to a clinic. the u.s. navy says it's working to add 350 more crew members to this hospital ship and will increase the number of beds and operating rooms on board. the navy is adding more space for patient care on board the "usns comfort." the floating hospital is angered off the coast of haiti. the addition of 350 crew members will enable it to cawd drupel the number of beds to nearly a thousand and increase the number of operating rooms from 6 to 11. commanders of the floating
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hospital are now sending medical teams on shore to help with cause wallty evaluation and triage. in one day, did you hear this? jay-z, swizz beats and bono wrote and rorded a song for haiti in one day. >> we're going to hear that song tonight along with bruce springsteen and the dave matthews band. linda so says they are coming out with george clooney to raise money for haiti. >> reporter: so many will be at tonight's charity events. the goal is to raise as much money as possible for haiti. it will be airing at 8:00 on all of the networks. george clooney and wyclef jean will be hosting the two-hour telethon called hope for haiti now. all of the money raised will be donated to help victims in haiti. celebrities from all over the world are coming together for the event. madonna, bruce springsteen,
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jennifer hudson just to name a few. clooney says there are many ways people can donate. >> there's a lot of ways to donate online, through phone calls the old fashioned way. sometimes it's nice to be able to talk to somebody as opposed to just doing it through the internet. and i keep going back to this, but i think's important, we need to make a lot of money off of itunes because we're gonna have 18 songs. >> reporter: in addition to the musical performances, there will also be live reports from haiti. you can watch right here on abc 2 tonight at 8:00. linda so, abc 2 news. >> thank you very much. time to look at this day in history. on this date back in 1961, wilma rudolph set a world record in the woman's 60-yard dash running the race in 6.9 seconds. megan broke that record after learning george clooney was in the studio. >> exactly. on this date back in 1984,
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apple introduced the macintosh during the third quarter of super bowl 28. 6:09. i want to say good morning to the students that gave me this hat. they also gave me a brain, so i wanted everybody to know. it's true. those kids wanted school today. they love school so much at nen si that they didn't want a day off. we have no delays locally and the showers we had overnight fell apart. there is still a winter weather advisory for howard county and westbound. i'll show you maryland's most powerful doppler radar coming up because there's some win tremendous weather pushing into frederick county right now. so we're not completely done with the storm yet and no travel problems about you the there could be showers as the day wears on. let's get that quick peek at the roads with kim. >> reporter: we don't have any delays on the roadway this morning, either just building
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volume on 95 and the white marsh boulevard. a couple of road hazards to let you know about when we come back. i want to be a cowboy. i don't want to be a panda. pandas are boring. >> what? he said what? we're talking about this guy. some people sleepwalk. this guy sleep talks, and you have to hear some of the weird things he's saying. it was a close call for a doctor hear in virginia, how something headed for the smithsonian almost killed him. and 530 flags to remember a marine. one man who makes it his mission to honor our nation's fallen.
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i love this story. >> he said what? we heard about a story of a woman hose husband spouts off weird words and had no idea he's doing it.
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>> so she got a great idea. nick watt listens from london. >> leonard goes to bed with his wife karen and a voice activated recorder. >> reporter: the audio is real. the video, our re-enactment. adam, who married karen last summer apparently talks a lot in his sleep. . >> reporter: as a lark, karen began posting adam's outbursts every morning on a blog. nearly 1100 hits later, they are on the talk show circuit. >> it didn't appear anything like this would happen. >> reporter: now they are selling t-shirts emblazoned with adam's utter answers. is this for real? apparently, we only sleep talk
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during light sleep when our brains are chewing stuff over. there have been cases of sleep talk confessions leading to divorce. so far, everything adam leonard has said is just gibberish, pretty funny gibberish. >> i wake up in the morning and the first thing care does is ooh, i've got to tell you what you said. i've got to tell you what you said. >> reporter: how do we know that you're not making this up? >> i mean, i don't know how unless you spend the night with me. it's one of those things. >> reporter: thanks, but i think i'll just read the blog. nick watt, abc news, london. >> i'm worried about that guy. i feel like he's got a lot of stress in his life talking about vampire penguins. step away from the yams? what's going on there? >> wow. how do you translate those dreams? >> i don't know. it would be interesting,
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though. >> that's good stuff. what'd i say last night? what'd i say? >> we have to get you recorded. >> just remember, don't leave the duck there. totally responsible. put it down. we didn't put anything down last night. good news for travelers, bad news for the kids and teachers. i hope you did the homework and studied for the tests. a complex storm that a el explain in the next two minutes. winter weather advisory is still in effect through 1:00. carol, frederick, howard county and westbound. allegheny, garrett county and the mountains already closed school because of the ice problems. nothing happening locally on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have a band of mixed snow and sleet crossing from hagerstown through frederick and perhaps clipping carroll county your closest to it over mount airy. you can see the band we had
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overnight just fall apart. there's still nor back to the west with the original storm. we have a lucky break as slightly milder air pushed through. that was it just after midnight. it looked impressive and a couple hours later, poof because a coastal storm took over. the original storm is sitting and spinning back here. the wide other view tells the story. there's the original storm. there's the coastal storm looking impressive just offshore. nice tightly wrapped comma shaped cloud. original storm pumped in the colder air. the coastal storm stole all of the energy and most of the energy is out of the range of the east coast radars. that may help enhance along the leftover bond dry some precipitation. and if warm air didn't push just at or just above freezing so no widespread problems this morning. some into the mountains and we have that threat of a wintry mix of showers pushing through for the next few hours. downtown baltimore 37 today
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with mostly rain showers. really not a problem for the morning commute which is good news. winter weather advisory, northern baltimore or carroll county. next few hours, rain/snow showers mix. i don't think we're going to have a road issue. same story back towards howard county. about 36 in columbia. you will see rain and snow showers but near 40. just rain showers in annapolis. that's it for today. most of the roads should stay wet. tonight we clear it out and go to 27. tomorrow's a nice day to start off the weekend. temperatures push into the lower 40s. before i toss it orve foretraffic, we've got to wish some birthdays today. we've got a local celebrity, or is he? very famous last name but george score george -- george scarborough. you want to talk about fine wine and aging well.
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i'm sorry but look at diane lane at 45. >> look at diane looking at george. [ laughter ] >> look at the smile on george. happy birthday again, george. beverly ann mitchell turned 28 from the former tv show "seventh heaven." let's see what's happening on the roads. here's kim. >> thanks, justin. we don't have too much happening so far at this hour. the roads are slick in some places but not affecting the commute at this time. volume beginning to build at the outer loop of the beltway. same thing on the northeast corner between harford road and providence road. we have an accident reported at lombard street. i'll keep you updated as the morning go as long. we're looking good on 95. the harrisburg expressway is a little slow at shawon but we're looking good as we check the jfx here. jamie and megan, back to you.
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we're seconds away from 6:20. is the amount of playoff gear a sign of what's to come this sunday? >> what championship shirts are being ordered 2-1 over the others? and how would you like a slightly used waterlogged plane? it's a piece of history. how you can get a piece of the miracle on the hudson. let's send you up to new york to get the latest on business news. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with another major recall for toyota. the automaker says it's recalling 2.3 million vehicles in the united states because of a problem that can cause the gas pedal to stick sending the vehicle speeding out of control. the announcement comes just months after toyota recalled more than 4 million vehicles because of another problem with the accelerator. toyota says drivers who experience problems should shift to neutral, firmly apply breaks, drive to a safe location, shut off the engine and call the nearest dealer. stocks are sinking overseas this morning after a
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sharp drop on wall street. the dow plunged erasing its gapes for the year. president obama's plan to change big banks sent investors on a sell. the recession seems to be a distant memory for google. their profits approached $2 billion for the first time. as its internet investing picked up steam. google has now started hiring again. bloomingdales is opening new stores to attract shoppers looking for high fashion at low prices. the department store will open its fist outlet stores this summer. there will be four stores initially in new jersey, florida and virginia with more expected to open next year. the plane that dramatic alely hit the hudson is now hitting the auction block. the airbus is up for sale as is. the plane suffered extensive water damage when captain sully
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sullenberger splashed down on the river a year ago. online bidding goes on beginning in march. hotel horrors. we go under the covers to find the dirtiest hotels in the country. that's on gma. that's your money scope report. i'm vinita nair.
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. all right. 6:24. thanks for joining us this morning. you are tuning in perhaps to see if there's nasty weather outside. well, we escaped the worst part of it. a little bit of a bust with the forecast. not exactly as we played it out, but there is still a winter weather advisory for
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baltimore, carroll and howard counties. 37 should do it, about where we are right now. we'll dry out tonight and a nice day tomorrow at 43. 46 on sunday. sunday night into monday herve yea rain could see a couple of inches with a high of 52 to start next week. 6:25 now. let's get to the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks, justin. the crash that was reported at lombard street was miner and already been cleard so traffic was able to get by with month frobs. here on the beltway, we have lots of building volume with minor congestion as you head down towards route 70. in severn, you'll still see the struck deer at telegraph road and reese road. as we check our city cameras here at the jfx, you are looking nice as you make your way southbound. jamie, megan, back to you. a very sad day for a family preparing to bury a soldier in illinois. flags outnumbered people
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outside of the orchardville church. 550 flags to be exact. the man who set them up drove 350 miles to show the family how much their son's service meant to him. >> it lifts my heart every time i do one. we've lost so much. it's not enough. i wish i had a thousand flags. i would like to think the day would come when i don't have to put 'em up. as long as these young men are getting killed giving everything so we can do it, they will be up. >> sweet gesture for such a sad story. corporal jamie lowe was killed in afghanistan last week. the flags are for him. coming up, tonight, you are invited to a star-studded evening. >> and it has nothing to do with a movie premiere or awards ceremony. >> reporter: it is all to help haiti. how hollywood's biggest celebrities are coming together to raise money and how you can help.
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worried about sanitation and disease, haiti is moving thousands of earthquake victims out of port-au-prince. find out if your toyota needs to go back to the shop. evidently the car wants to go and you want it to stop. a close encounter for a doctor's office that has less than a helier


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